Dungloe Area Description

An Clochn Liath (called Dungloe or Dunglow in English) is a Gaeltacht town in County Donegal, Ireland. It is the main town in The Rosses and the largest in the Donegal Gaeltacht. Dungloe developed as a town in the middle of the 18th Century, and now serves as the administrative and retail centre for the west of Donegal, and in particular the Rosses, with the only mainland secondary school for the area.

There is a river at the bottom of the town and years ago the only crossing was over a grey granite slab lying in the riverbed, hence the Irish name of the town, an Clochn Liath, which means the grey stepping-stone. The bridge was built in 1762. Dungloe Library.

The name an Clochn Liath was formerly anglicised as Cloghanlea. The name Dungloe or Dunglow is believed to come from the Irish Dn gCloiche. This name came into common English usage in the later years of the 18th century when the monthly fair, formerly held at Dn gCloiche (five miles north of the nascent town) was transferred to an Clochn Liath. In time the name of the fair and that of the town were subsumed. Today, an Clochn Liath is the only officially recognised name of the town.

Source : Wikipedia.org

Dungloe House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2020-12-02 Tooberkeen, Dungloe, Letterkenny € 70000
2020-11-05 Oughtmeen, Dungloe, Letterkenny € 38788
2020-11-05 Quay Rd, Dungloe, Donegal € 150000
2020-10-09 Abigail Cottage, Caravan Road, Dungloe € 100000
2020-09-15 County Lane, Dungloe, Donegal € 150000
2020-09-01 Meenband, Dungloe € 50000
2020-09-01 Sheskinarone, Dungloe, Letterkenny € 150000
2020-08-07 Parochial House, Main Street, Dungloe € 175000
2020-07-07 Pine Tree Cottage, Sheskinarone, Dungloe € 101000
2020-04-01 Leffin, Dungloe, Donegal € 40000
2020-02-11 Meenacross, Dungloe, Donegal € 200000
2020-01-28 Falmore, Dungloe, Donegal € 140000
2020-01-09 1 Crucknageeragh, Dungloe, Donegal € 157000
2019-12-20 No 4 Bridge End, Dungloe, Co Donegal € 93000
2019-12-17 Meenaboligan, Dungloe, Co Donegal € 25000
2019-12-11 Roshine South, Maghery, Dungloe € 110000
2019-11-29 Pol A Tsagart, Tubberkeen, Dungloe € 190000
2019-11-07 Crohyboyle, Dungloe € 78000
2019-09-27 Braeside, Toberkeen, Dungloe € 215000
2019-08-19 18 Lower Main St, Dungloe, Letterkenny € 57000
2019-07-09 Meenacross, Dungloe, Donegal € 70000
2019-06-27 115 Fair Hill, Dungloe, Lifford € 40000
2019-05-30 1 Ard Crone, Quay Rd, Dungloe € 107000
2019-02-12 Saltpans, Dungloe, Donegal € 60000
2018-12-14 Saltpans, Dungloe, Donegal € 175000
2018-11-29 Roninnis, Mill Rd, Dungloe € 150000
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